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25 May, 2012 – 8 August, 2012
Palace of Republic
25 MAY, 2012 – 8 AUGUST, 2012
Palace of Republic
(within ARTBAT FEST 3, Almaty)
Curator: Ismail Akhmetov (Russia)
As a starting point, Bravura selected one thousand artistic paintings dating from the end of the 19th century to nowadays, which she then printed on glass, cut into fragments and used them to lay a mosaic on industrial plastic pipes. The result was a maze, a space with individual ambience, an original summary of a century of art depicted in mosaic.
With the support of Ismail Akhmetov Foundation
Ravenna lies at the heart of mosaic culture, famous for its monuments of early Christian and Byzantine architecture certified by the UNESCO World Heritage List, as well as for its modern masters, restoration centers, schools and educational institutions. In 1924 a course of Mosaic was opened at the Academy of Fine Arts of Ravenna. Struggling to keep the striking legacy of the past the mosaic masters turned to using old mosaic techniques to implement new ideas. After the Second World War it was the beginning of a new era in mosaic art, when mosaic literally started speaking modern language. Since then, the notion of "mosaic" has acquired a new concept, now it means the art, which not only existed in the past but is alive and developing in the present. And in this new concept mosaic art is inextricably linked to Rovenna, the city that allowed the mosaic to continue in the future.
Marco De Luca
Marco De Luca was born in 1949, Medicina, Italy. "… [De Luca] thinks, sees, speaks the language of mosaic. And it is through this practice, the specific "poetic" of mosaic, that the artist recreates all the historical prerogatives of the technique from the inevitable point of view of modernity". With these words by Claudio Spadoni, director of the Art Museum of Ravenna, explains the artist's choice, his uncompromising visual means of expressing his creativity.
Roberta Grasso
The installation Memory of a Dream reflects one of the most precious childish memories by the author. When she was a little girl she often looked through the pictures in the book The Nutcracker and the Mouse King by Hoffmann with the music from the ballet by Tchaikovsky, vividly imagined the characters of the fairy-tale and went through their stories. "Floating" and "breathing" mosaic reflects the image a child's dream, light as fabric. The author aimed to create a bright, fabulous, ambient space, where time stood still like a dream. The installation (10x2m) consists of texture of "sewn" silicon padded with smalt (mosaic is of cool white, wisteria and sea waves colors) and fluffy tulle curtains sliding down onto the floor.
Giulio Candussio
Giulio Candussio (b. 1945, Udine, Italy) has developed a practice based on individual perception and experimentation across art forms. In 1980, he became Art Director of Bisazza, driving creative research in the field of mosaic. In 2004, he took on the role of Director for the School of Mosaicists in Spilimbergo, Italy. Among his projects are the Tottenham Court Road tube station in London (1983) and the large-scale mural, "Iridescent Lightning," presented to the city of New York in 2003 and now located at the Temporary World Trade Center PATH station.
Nane Zavagno
Nane Zavagno was born in 1932. He was very young when he began teaching plastic arts in Udine as successor of the great artist Dino Basaldella. In 1982 he was invited to the Espace Cardin in Paris. He exhibited his works in 26 personal exhibitions and in more than 100 collective exhibitions in different countries. His works are located in private or public collections and locations in Europe and America. The poetic kernel of his works lies in his intuitive relationship wish the nature.