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"In the city of Л."
Zhanar Bereketova's personal exhibition
JULY 27TH - AUGUST 10TH, 2023
The Eurasian Cultural Alliance presents the personal exhibition of artist Zhanar Bereketova titled "In the city of Л." The exhibition will take place at the EGIN Cultural Center in Almaty, located at 79 Nurmakhova Street. The exhibition includes six performances by the artist, filmed in the city of Л., as well as installations.

Zhanar Bereketova is an artist, a teacher at the British Higher School of Design, and a resident of the seventh season of Open Studios at Winzavod in Moscow. She has collaborated with the Polytechnic Museum and GES-2. Zhanar graduated from the British Bachelor's program in graphic design and currently lives and works in Almaty.

Zhanar Bereketova began her practice in contemporary art in 2017. Her works are often characterized by site-specificity, and she works with three-dimensional space, primarily using installations (Elastics) and performances (Dasha+Zhanar). Zhanar Bereketova actively exhibits her works in various parts of the world, including Russia, the United Kingdom, Iran, the United States, Slovenia, Finland, Brazil, Bulgaria, and the Czech Republic.
City Л. is any small city in Kazakhstan that may seem uninteresting at first glance. But what is interesting? We often imagine it as spectacular, overwhelming, or grand. City Л. is a city in the Kostanay region where Zhannar dreamed of going for 19 years (and finally did).

"I seek interest in the ordinary. The automatism of routine and stereotypical behavior disappears if we invent new forms of interaction. Through unfamiliarity, discomfort, through performances. Through such alternative activities, a typical city gains a new history."
The exhibition of Zhanar Bereketova promises a unique introduction to her installations and performances based on three-dimensional space.

On Thursday, July 27th, at 7:00 PM, we invite you to the opening of the personal exhibition "In the city of Л."
EGIN Space,
79 Nurmakhova Street,
Almaty, Kazakhstan
+7 777 644 34 71