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11 FERBUARY – 10 MARCH, 2023
Milestone personal exhibition by Saule Suleimenova ranges over a wide period of her activities from the 2000s to the 2020s. It allows the audience to look at the development of the artistic language through the lens of times, techniques, themes and conceptual framework, which is also being evolved over the years. In the 2000s, Suleimenova used to work a lot with graphics, and the subjects of her works are urban landscape, still life, situations and people that are at a certain distance from the critical and the political. Her oratory has been slowly changing since the derivatives crisis in 2007, it anticipates such series as Astana Line, Somewhere in the Great Steppe, Qaldyk Estelik, I am Kazakh, as well as the others. The transition is especially strong in I am Kazakh series, when from one perspective the artist explores photo archives of the past, and from another perspective she transfers the fragments of this memory into the modern urban landscape and somehow reprocesses the knowledge and feelings of earlier graphic series. From the more academic technique of wax engraving Suleimenova moves towards experimenting with photo printing and further application of fading aruakhs (ancestor's spirit) with acrylic paint.
Her artistic language changed significantly after the ARTBAT FEST in 2014, for which the artist makes her first Cellophane Painting piece. At the beginning her art had more in common with the graphic still lifes of the early 2000s, than with later developed outlined political attitudes; and it cannot be unnoticed in Plastic Diary of Changes and Qandastar turaly Dastan series based on the photographic materials by anthropologist Zarina Mukanova.
The influence of some works on the others, the change of the artistic focus as well as the very history of modern Kazakhstan, within which these messages were created, resembles the process of grinding wheat into flour, where over time different grains are becoming the whole after constantly undergoing changes in their form and content. Artists experience similar feelings, for decades they are returning to questions that cannot be answered by one or several works, but rather by a whole complex of knowledge, observations, life experience and changing environment.

Milestone exhibition is a bottom line for Suleimenova's various arts and crafts created in the first two decades of the 21st century; and it invites the audience to take a close look at the changes in the form and the content of her artworks. It also promotes viewers' reflection on how and why such changes happened.

The organizer of the personal exhibition was the Pygmalion Gallery with the project partner, non-profit organization, Eurasian Cultural Alliance.

11.02 – 10.03

10 a.m - 10 p.m
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