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Vargas-suarez universal
Amazing Maze
18 MARCH – 15 MAY, 2023
The Eurasian Cultural Alliance presents the first in Kazakhstan solo exhibition of contemporary artist Vargas-Suarez Universal 'Amazing Maze', which will be held in the EGIN space, new cultural centre in Almaty. Exhibition includes his latest works on paper, audio art, felt paintings, as well as a site-specific artwork made for the exhibition.
Universal Vargas-Suarez was born in Mexico City and now lives between Bishkek, Houston and New York. The title of the exhibition relates to a novel by another Latin American thinker Jorge Luis Borges, Garden of Forking Paths in which monk Ts'ui Pên is building a garden-labyrinth that is, in fact, a metaphor
for a book. Text as a labyrinth of symbols, constantly wandering around the cosmologies of the world, and overcoming obstacles to only face more is something that intersects in Vargas-Suarez's visual and conceptual vocabularies. His seemingly abstract artworks remind the viewer of topological images of Nazca-like geoglyphs that on one hand creates a connection with the artist's past and identity, while on the other, relates to Vargas-Suarez's childhood in Houston, Texas, home of NASA's Johnson Space Center, with all of its futuristic and technocratic mythologies.
A re-translation of such semiotics is in the center of Vargas-Suarez's artistic research. His first solo exhibition in Qazaqstan aims to merge the technique and technology - the labyrinth is here as a focal point for constructing and deconstructing seemingly unrelated themes and distances: geoglyphs, time-space, cosmos, text and movement.
On Saturday, March 18th from 4 - 8 p.m. we invite you to the opening of personal exhibition Amazing Maze.
Vargas-Suarez Universal
'Amazing Maze'
18th of March - 15th of May
4 - 8 p.m

EGIN space,
Nurmakova st. 79
Almaty, Kazakstan
+ 7 701 1000 922

Curated by Vladislav Sludskiy
Vladislav Sludsky, an independent art consultant who has worked for the Singapore company Metis Art Education, Ethan Cohen Gallery in New York over the years. He has curated solo and group exhibitions of such famous artists as Ai Weiwei, Shu Bing, Sun Yuan and Peng Yu, Yayoi Kusama, Andy Warhol, John Kessler, Zhang Huang, Gu Deshing, Qin Feng, Gonzalo Mabunda, Abudia, Moffat Takadiwa and Hugh Haidan.
Founded in 2011, the non-profit organization is engaged in the support and development of contemporary art in Kazakhstan. ESA stimulates the growth of the creative economy, increases the social involvement of various regions of Kazakhstan in the sphere of culture and integrates the Kazakh identity into a broad international context.

Over the past 13 years, the Eurasian Cultural Alliance has organized dozens of exhibitions and festivals of contemporary art, a number of educational initiatives and projects inside and outside Kazakhstan.
EGIN - is a new cultural space created by the team of the public association Eurasian Cultural Alliance - an organization that has been supporting contemporary art in Kazakhstan for over 13 years.

We think of Egin, as an educational initiative in the field of contemporary culture, a place where local and city communities intersect, exhibition space, library, lecture hall, and a production facility for development of various ideas and meanings.

Egin aims to become a place of constant reflection on the current state of the society. Egin allows one to acquire basic knowledge on how to navigate theoretical discussions on actual public concerns, as well as to equip oneself with practical skills for expressing such knowledge through artistic and cultural means.

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